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With more collaboration taking place over Zoom today, you might be wondering how to record your Zoom meetings so you have an how to create a zoom recording link way to revisit important conversations, decisions, action items, and more. The answers differ depending ссылка на страницу whether you are sharing a Local Recording or a Cloud Recording.

S Zoom accounts will only have the ability to record to a local computer, while paid Zoom subscriptions will have cloud recording automatically enabled. Tto walk you through both ways to share Zoom meeting recordings below — and then show aoom another solution for sharing Zoom recordings that automates many of the steps required for sharing videos, making it easier for everyone at your organization to share important information efficiently simply by clicking record at the start of a Zoom meeting.

This is what your workflow looks like:. Though these workflows start to eat up a lot of productive time as they are done more frequently, or as they happen more often across an entire organization.

With many more teams now working fully remotely and people also working around other pandemic-related disruptions at home, even more meetings are being recorded and shared to support the continuity of work in this new environment. Recording the meeting is the easy part! Finding and extracting the information inside past recordings, as well as sharing recordings, is still exceedingly difficult.

All of the tecording and resources expended on these tasks can easily offset any potential how to create a zoom recording link gains from simply having an exact record of the meeting.

But meeting recordings need to be easy to find, easy to share, easy to watch, and easy to search so that people within your organization how to create a zoom recording link access the information archived inside as efficiently as possible. And its search features only allow you to search within your personal library of meeting recordings. All of that sensitive business information inside your meeting recordings still has to be secured, too. Zoom does allow cretae to restrict sharing only to users within your organization, but you may not want everyone to have viewing permissions enabled for some meeting recordings.

While Zoom does offer private cloud hosting and password-protected sharing features to paid subscribers, administrator controls over cloud recordings are limited, which introduces enough room for user error hhow create a sizable security risk when it comes to sensitive meeting recording assets.

Here are 3 ways your Zoom videos could end up exposed online:. Zoom is a great tool for holding and recording meetings. But most organizations need additional support for managing and sharing on-demand video recordings.

And when integrated with Zoomyou have a complete, secure, kink scalable solution for video collaboration and productivity. Moreover, with Panopto there are no limits on how long your videos will be stored or how many videos you can upload to your library. Panopto includes an online video editor so you can cut out off-topic sections in the middle, trim dead time from the ends, and even splice together multiple Zoom meeting recordings.

Panopto also automatically transcribes every word spoken aloud and indexes every word shown on-screen in the Zoom meetings uploaded to your library with our AI-powered video search engine called Smart Search. Panopto captures every detail from the original meeting in full HD and offers a unique multi-stream viewing experience that нажмите чтобы прочитать больше more than just picture-in-picture. Click here to watch in full-screen.

With unlimited, centralized storage and permissioning managed at scale, Zoom recordings can be shared securely through Panopto with just a few clicks or none at all and watched from anywhere on any device — without downloading anything.

Ultimately, Panopto helps your organization get more value from both your live meetings and the recordings that document them by making it easier for employees to access and utilize the information stored inside How to create a zoom recording link recordings as needed. Want to learn more about how Panopto and Zoom work together to make recording and sharing meetings more efficient how to create a zoom recording link your teams more productive?

Contact us to set up a demo of Panopto Enterprise today. Can I email a Zoom recording to people? Do I need to upload it somewhere else to share it? Will they need to download the recording? This страница what your workflow looks like: Step 1: Find your meeting recordings kink your Zoom client: Go to Meetingsthen click the Recorded tab.

Step 2: Select the meeting you want to share and click Opento open the folder where how to create a zoom recording link video file mp4 how to create a zoom recording link saved on your computer. Step 4: Ensure your video is unshared or stored in a private folder, consider adding password protection, and share the link with your colleagues, who will either download the mp4 or stream the video depending on the service you used to how to create a zoom recording link it.

Step 1: Log into your Zoom account and select Recordings on the right side of the screen. For /26500.txt protection, you can also add a password. Step 3: Copy the Zoom cloud recording link and paste it into an email or your corporate messaging app to share it with your colleague s. There has to be an easier way, right?

Here are 3 ways your Zoom videos could end up exposed online: When recordings are set to expire or an account is approaching its allotted cloud storage capacity, individual users may download and then share their meeting recordings through other, less secure, means. Anyone who downloads a Zoom cloud recording to their local drive can then share it however they please, with whomever they please. Edit, Источник, and Search Zoom Recordings Panopto includes an online video editor so you can cut out off-topic sections in the middle, trim dead time from the ends, and even splice together multiple Zoom meeting recordings.

Collaborate Inside Zoim Meeting Recordings Panopto captures every detail from the original meeting in full HD and offers a unique multi-stream viewing experience recroding shows more than just picture-in-picture. Published: April 20,


How to create a zoom recording link. Making a Zoom Recording Available to Students


Recording a Zoom Meeting has lots of benefits for you and your audience. You can also repurpose recordings to create on-demand content recogding your website or intranet. See our video for a quick refresher on how to record a meeting on Zoom. Both Zoom cloud recordings and local recordings provide high-quality MP4 video howw audio and M4A audio only files.

You can also find links to all your recordings on the Zoom desktop client by clicking the Meetings tab, then the Recorded tab at читать больше top of the left panel.

Once you have your recording, here are a few things you can do to get it into tip-top shape and share it with others. Remember, the longer the meeting, the larger the recording file. Go to your account settings to choose an option to optimize your recording for a 3rd-party video editor for the best results.

Then, any meeting or webinar you record to the cloud will automatically transcribe the audio. Your audio transcript VTT file can be found at the same URL where your meeting recording is stored, ready for you to download and edit. If you want to display the transcript as captionssimply view your recording and click the CC icon at the bottom how to create a zoom recording link of the screen. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can upload your MP4 recording to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo, or your own website.

If you want to how to create a zoom recording link with only a select audience, you can send a link to the cloud recording. All you need to do is copy and paste the link from the original email you received, or click the Share button on your recording management page for a sharable link.

For local how to create a zoom recording link, we recommend uploading your video file to a cloud file sharing service, like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, so you can easily share it. Need more cloud storage? Explore additional Zoom licenses or our tto add-on plans at zoom.


3 Simple Ways to Share a Recorded Zoom Meeting – wikiHow.Zoom – Record a Meeting and Save to your Computer | Office of Information Technology

Select the recording file, click Open, and then name the video. UITS recommends backing up recordings stored on your local computer to one of IU’s file storage systems. Press 5 to initiate the recording. The host crsate to be present for the meeting because only hosts have the ability to record meetings.


– How to create a zoom recording link


To post a link to your Zoom recorded meeting in Resources, first access the Resources tool in your site and click the Actions drop down menu at the level you want to add it , then choose «Add Web Links URLs «:.

The weblink will be posted in the Resources tool, participants can click on it to access the recording provided it is live :. You can also put the link in a body of text in Lessons.

Compose your body of text in the text editor window. Select the text you want to use as your link, then click the Link tool in the editor bar:. Click Save, then you will see your text with the url highlighted.

You can click the link to access the recorded meeting:. To get the Zoom link, you can go to your Zoom account and check your list of recorded sessions: Then right-click or control click in the link and choose to copy it: Now that you have the link copied, you can use it in Laulima.

Jump to: Annoucements Resources Lessons Announcements: 1. In the Announcements tool, you can click to «Add» a new announcement: 2. Type your announcement title and announcement message in the editing window, and then highlight the text you want as a link, then click the Link tool in the editor bar: 3.

Return to top Resources: 1. Hosts can choose to save a meeting to Zoom cloud storage or to their computer. All Zoom recordings will be saved for days in the cloud. This is the preferred option for sharing the recording because it allows users to access the recording through a link. The recording file can be downloaded to a computer or streamed from a browser. See Adding a Zoom Link for instructions on sharing Zoom recordings.

Note: Students do not have access to record to the cloud. However, they can record Zoom meetings using the directions for Recording to a Computer.

If a meeting has already been recorded to the cloud, by default it will be set with a passcode. Sharing the recording through Zoom as an external learning tool will allow students in a course to view all recordings, so the passcode does not need to be disabled unless it is preferred.

When a Zoom meeting is saved locally to a computer, it will save in. To share a recording that has been saved locally, the file will need to be uploaded to a course. Note: Recordings saved to a computer can also be accessed through depaul. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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