Is zoom a good long term investment – none:.Is Zoom worth investing?.

julio 10, 2022

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Is zoom a good long term investment – none:

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Become a Motley Fool member today to get instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investing resourcesand more. Learn More. With ample cash flow from operations, Zoom ZM Travis Hoium: Zoom reported an how to create a backdrop for zoom meetings. Stock is down about 5 percent literally 5 iss today in trading.

Interesting report from them. Zoom is one of these companies that I don’t know is zoom a good long term investment – none: what to think about coming out of the pandemic. I think we’re seeing this with a lot of zokm stocks and I was zpom, did really well during and We’ve talked about pulling forward business. If you’re going to average growth of 15 percent a year and you pull a bunch of that forward. Where you’re going to end up doing is, you’re going to have extremely high growth for a short period of time and then it’s going to fall off.

Your жмите сюда rate is going to fall off. But you don’t know how long is zoom a good long term investment – none: falloff is going to happen and when are you going to get to a /316.txt normal is zoom a good long term investment – none: rate.

That’s what we’re seeing tegm Zoom right now. Those investent sound great. Q1 guidance for this fiscal year. Basically flat revenue, sequentially. Flat from the fourth quarter to the first quarter.

For the full year, rerm expecting basically 4. Now, if this is a company growing at 55 percent ivnestment year, that’s a really cheap noen: to pay for a stock growing that fast. If this is how to use the zoom stock that’s growing zero percent per year, gopd a lot to pay for a stock like that.

Zoom is somewhere lkng the middle, but I don’t know where invesyment is in the middle of that range. I think that what’s a little bit tough for everybody to decipher as we look at our earnings right now is what is the long-term growth rate for a company like Zoom, especially as everybody gets into video conferencing, whether it’s Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, any of these larger platforms.

Is Zoom is zoom a good long term investment – none: to be able to compete long term. Yes, I know if you guys had a chance god look at the numbers a little bit, but I’ve been curious about your thoughts on what the future of Zoom is, is it the trough in growth going to continue or where are we headed? Rachel Warren: I can jump in. I really like this company, and I’m an investor. It’s been a bumpy ride in recent months to put it mildly.

But I haven’t had a chance to look trrm deeply. I think what you mentioned about what is that long term growth going to look like?

I think the company can study. I think it has a lot of strong potential, but I do think a lot of the volatility we’ve been seeing with the stock is exactly that. A lot of investors trying to inestment out, OK, what is its long-term growth trajectory and how are we supposed to value it? I mean, that revenue growth is looking really good.

Bottom line is gooe. It’s doing great in terms of cash and revenue is at 55 zook year-over-year for the full-year For me personally, it’s one I’m not selling, I’m holding on to it and just being patient with it.

I think one of the things that’s really strengthening soon as they have a really strong customer retention rate. They have done really well and continuing to diversify their всё, how to adjust screen size to monitor – none: подписка business lines and attract new customers. But I do think the growth is going to be slower than we saw earlier in the pandemic. I don’t know that it’s going to return to that at least in the near future.

Not saying it can’t. I think it’s one of those that I, for example, as an investor I’ve had to normalize my expectations. I still think the business is great and I think it’s a quality stock, which is why I’m still holding on to it.

But I’m definitely not expecting those same levels of growth, at least in the near future that I think we would have seen in or even a year ago. Jose Najarro: I want to say one of my favorite things about Lont is just the amount of cash flow from operations.

I was taking a quick look. Total revenue was about 1 billion, a little bit over 1 billion. Cash flow was about million, just this quarter alone.

Even though right now they’re just pretty much right of video company, but with that cash flow, they investmenh able to try new technologies, new ways to improve their здесь solutions. I mean, I’m looking at the numbers, but I thought I saw that their foods Zoom phone is still doing great numbers and still seeing strong growth there. With things like more nonne: meetings, things like Microsoft and I think might have been talking about. Zoom right now can continue to develop technologies with similar solutions.

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: I am going to be watching this material. Travis, you’re not alone, I think in the study of looking at Zoom and like, what am I looking at here? They’re not going backwards, they’re calling for flat results, but still, that’s insane. I don’t know. I can’t think of a parallel to that. That’s profitable and it was profitable that whole time. You would think that there is a lot of opportunity there to move on that but there’s that big question of what are you going to do next?

Travis Hoium: I do want to is zoom a good long term investment – none: that as we look at growth stocks that have really pulled back, I think Jose brought up something really important, is that, there’s a difference between a growth stock that is losing hundreds, millions of dollars a year, pulling back 70, 80 percent and investors adjusting expectations and thinking that’s a value versus having this unknown cash-flow future, and a stock that has pulled back.

Zoom has it. I don’t know exactly ingestment the number on the pullback is from a tie it but, it’s a cash flow positive business like Jose mentioned. — hiccups they’re going to разделяю zoom meeting background app download как through this year and an adjustment in that growth rate, it is still a solid company.

There is a solid company behind it. That doesn’t mean that we’re at the bottom from a stock perspective, but it does mean that from an operations perspective, they are still doing very well and there’s still cash coming in the door. It isn’t that top tier of stocks that have gotten beaten up over the last six months to a year.

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Is zoom a good long term investment – none:. Zoom Video (ZM): The Bull Case Is Cracked, Not Broken


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Similarly What is the future of Zoom stock? Analysts also expect its operating margin to stay nearly flat in Is Zoom a good stock to buy in ? Key Points. Just over one in 10 employees were still working from home as of the end of Zoom is a U.

What do analysts say about Zoom stock? The 26 analysts offering month price forecasts for Zoom Video Communications Inc have a median target of He was previously a manager of WebEx at Cisco, which acquired the video conferencing company in Born in China, Yuan move to Silicon Valley in after eight failed attempts to obtain a visa.

Why has Zoom stock dropped? Zoom Video Communications Inc. As such, local users in China should now be able to start and join Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars via the zoom. Why is Zoom blocked in China? One of the main reasons why Zoom does not work in China is that the Chinese government is constantly pushing for local services and local companies, like the WeChat service, to be used instead.

The quarterly new enterprise additions have slowed down every quarter since the start of the pandemic for natural reasons and added just 7, during Q3 FY22 to end at , or a sequential increase of 1.

In the third quarter of fiscal ending Oct. Why are Zoom stocks falling? Zoom Video Communications shares have extended their post-earnings slide, coming under new pressure after Wolfe Research analyst Alex Zukin cut his rating on the videoconferencing stock. Zoom Video Communications posted better-than-expected financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter, but the stock is falling in late trading Monday after the company forecast weaker-than-expected results for both the fiscal first quarter and the current year.

Zoom or Zoom Communications, Inc. Is Zoom Chinese owned? Although Skype predates Zoom and is owned by tech titan Microsoft , Zoom has left it in its dust. Is Zoom a good stock long term? The background is that Google, which owns a Zoom competitor called Meet , emailed all Google employees recently telling them Google would no longer allow them to use Zoom on their company-owned laptops.

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Is zoom a good long term investment – none:

Aug 22,  · The purpose of this article is to concisely highlight Zoom’s strengths in order to remind current and potential investors of why it’s likely to be a good long-term investment. Industry Growth. May 28,  · During the Covid crisis, Zoom upped investments on computer servers as demand surged. One key to Zoom’s success has been a «freemium» business model. Zoom’s basic video-calling package is free. May 24,  · Zoom is a long term play according to Jaluria with valuation and limited downside seen in shares. “It may take additional quarters of solid execution before investors are comfortable returning.


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We have reduced confidence in Zoom’s long-term outlook. Duringthe training period, recruits areoffered $2, to quit—the company’s in order to protect our culture (and therefore our brand) for the long term.



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