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julio 10, 2022

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Sep 22,  · Conclusion. For the price, the ZOOM H8 is a very impressive piece of kit indeed. For your money, you get a field recorder, a podcasting solution, a multi-track hardware recorder and a multi-channel audio interface. Of all these roles, it’s as a field recorder I feel the H8 excels at with the podcasting functionality a close second. Jun 04,  · I’ve recorded audio for many videos using the Zoom H6, it’s a terrific tool with decent audio quality, lots of features, and excellent battery life. But Zoom recently released the F6 recorder with a new level of capability. The F6 combines very low noise preamps with dual ADCs and 32 bit float recording, and the combination nearly. Apr 13,  · Good Bad Missing. This Zoom H6 is a six-channel portable recorder. It comes with an interchangeable XYH-6/BLK 90º/º adjustable stereo X-Y mic system as shown which has its own mm input jack if you prefer to use a different input for those channels, as well as four more channels of XLR / ¼″mic or line inputs.

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II N8 DR mk. Zoom H4n /6155.txt turns the popular Handy Recorder professional. We also use only the best, most reliable couriers and delivery services to get your equipment where it needs to be – quickly and securely.


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The Podcast app has four pads for triggering sound effects and music beds. You can use the 13 included sounds or load your own from an SD card. This app accommodates four mic channels and two channels of sound pads. The H8 features the next generation of the exchangeable capsule system introduced on the H5 and H6. Depending on your application, you can swap it for one of three new capsules that deliver up to four channels of audio. The VRH-8 is an ambisonic mic capsule with four condenser microphones and a built-in accelerometer for automatic alignment.

This capsule brings the total of available XLR inputs on the H8 up to ten, which is quite remarkable for a compact, portable recorder. Zoom claims that it lasts for about 15 hours on one set of batteries while using the XY mic and recording one stereo channel.

With additional features like remote control from a smartphone with an optional Bluetooth adapter and an integrated guitar tuner, the H8 is the most feature-rich portable recorder of the H series. Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. A pair of mics, four phantom-powerable XLR connectors with the ability to add two more via an accessory replacement of the mic pair , mixer, battery-operated I have been using it mostly for recording my live sitar performances in front of an indoor cafe at a local cancer hospital, Sunday traditional choir Masses at my church, and miscellaneous outdoor live settings.

It’s very convenient and sounds fabulous. I use NiMH rechargeable batteries. I ran it flat out one time and it was able to record for about 15 hours on one charge. The funny thing is the battery segments drop to one after only a few hours, so that’s not much use as an indicator of remaining time. It has a menu setting that lets you specify the type of battery, rechargeable vs. But that doesn’t make this indication of remaining battery any more accurate! Another thing I’ve noticed is the timebase is a little off for some reason.

I have had multiple Sony handheld stereo recorders over the years, as well as a KORG D multi-track recorder, all of which I have been able to sync together over long periods of time I do video work with absolutely no drift between them.

I just thought this was something they had handled in the digital world, with crystal-controllable clocks of extreme precision. But when I take a two hour recording from this device and put it up against my other recording devices, there will be a very small drift between them 10 – 20 millseconds by the end of two hours.

This is a VERY subtle and tiny difference that most people wouldn’t even care about or notice, but it IS noticeable if you are doing sync work with video. It shows up as sounds being in different places when you load the waveforms into a computer and blow them up. This is the amount of time that short reverberations off of nearby hard surfaces take.

So if you are recording things in a reverberant space, like a church, this drift can interfere with the natural sound of your recording. It means you have to cut it into a few pieces and make micro-adjustments to the timing every 30 minutes or so to keep it under control.

Or you have to set it going for a few hours at the same time as your other recorder, figure out the percentage difference, and apply that amount of timing correction in your audio software every single time. It’s not the end of the world, but it IS an added pain when I have gotten used to NOT having to do that for the past 20 years working with digital recordings. Also, it seems to me when doing critical listening that this recorder may not produce as crystal-clear, clean recordings at volume extremes as other devices I own or have used, especially when recording loud, impulse-y things like church choirs with sopranos.

I’m not talking about clipping either. Even well below clipping level, I swear I can hear something happen that is hard to characterize when a loud peak is reached by female singers.

It’s one of those things that drives you nuts as you listen to side-by-side recordings from different recorders and you try to figure out if you are really hearing something or not. It doesn’t really sound like brick-walling either. We should be well within the capabilities of the mics and pres at the levels and distances from the subjects that I am recording.

So, all-in-all it’s a great recorder for most things, especially if you aren’t using it to sync to something else or for super-loud, impulsive subjects, but I give it 4 stars for these admittedly highly subjective observations. I haven’t checked this sound issue with my own mics yet R0de NT-5’s which I know can handle jet engines and things like that. Your mileage may vary.

A couple more quick positive notes to finish And the memory capacity is great, too. I put a 16 GB memory card in it and that gives me over 15 stereo hours, almost 8 at four channels, and over 5 at six channels. And you can put MUCH bigger memory cards in it! This recorder has a great quality feel, getting the files off the device is simple and easy. When the recordings are produced without error, they are of high quality. This unit is far below my expectations.

I will not purchase from Zoom again and suggest your consider other companies to fulfill your audio requirements. I have contacted support and they have notified me that they will replace my defective unit. They made me pay for the shipping back to their facility. I have yet to hear back from them post shipping.

I am using battery power exclusively because I have reason to believe that a power surge or faulty cord caused the defect and subsequent failure. Smartphones, laptops etc within less than a foot or touching a person who is holding a microphone produces unusable recordings. Neuther unit worked as an audio interface functionally at all. The only way to get usable recordings is away from any sort of electrical interference. I think the unit should be marketed differently and these known limitations should be more available to those considering to purchase.

I purchased the Zoom H6 after starting out with the also-fine H4nPro. I needed additional XLR ports without resorting to cable and adapter workarounds. I will be using it primarily to record interviews and podcasts with each participant on avg on their own dedicated XLR dynamic mic. The H6 is the «Papa Bear» of Zoom’s line of field recorders. When fitted correctly, The Windkiller SE holds a bubble of dead air around the mic capsule, allowing the microphone to function as naturally as possible and minimising wind interference in your recordings.

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